Teaching Case

Teaching Case: The incremental Path to Brandenburg’s Sustainability Strategy (Case B)

Based on the parliament’s resolution the new government founded a new Advisory Board for Sustainable Develop-ment in 2010. The new Advisory Board did slightly divergent from the coalition agreement consist of 13 scientific members in total. Some of the members had already been part of the first Advisory Board and were able to incorporate their… Weiterlesen »

Teaching Case: Agenda-Setting for the Sustainability Strategy of the Federal State of Brandenburg (Case A)

The coalition agreement from 2005 between the two governing parties in Brandenburg, SPD and CDU, stated that sustainable development should play an important role in all political sectors in the upcoming legislative period. In order to fulfill this purpose the Minister for Environment at the time, Dr. Dietmar Woidke, convened the first Advisory Board for… Weiterlesen »

Teaching Case: Decision Making in Times of Crisis: Germany’s decision to abstain from Security Council Resolution 1973

The German decision to abstain in voting on Resolution 1973 came as a surprise to both domestic and international observers. Amidst a wide range of actors and faced with a rapidly changing environment, the government needed to be able to balance challenges on the international as well as on the national level. Decision-makers were not… Weiterlesen »