Teaching Case: Agenda-Setting for the Sustainability Strategy of the Federal State of Brandenburg (Case A)

reformkompassThe coalition agreement from 2005 between the two governing parties in Brandenburg, SPD and CDU, stated that sustainable development should play an important role in all political sectors in the upcoming legislative period.

In order to fulfill this purpose the Minister for Environment at the time, Dr. Dietmar Woidke, convened the first Advisory Board for Sustainable Development and Resource Protection in the middle of the legislative period in 2007.

Professor Stock was glad and enjoyed a moment of silence on a day in April 2010. The renowned scholar from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) had just been reelected as president of the Advisory Board for Sustainable
Development in Brandenburg. Happily he received the congratulations and thanked every one for once again entrusting him with the position as president. In his opinion the previous Advisory Board had done well during the last term and he was looking forward to continuing this work.

Nevertheless, he had to think about how to organize internal and external communication in the future and what key aspects the board should focus on in the upcoming term. Drawing from his previous experiences he knew that this would not be an easy task. Not only were the different interpretations of the term sustainability problematic but also the question if a sustainable idea in fact generates a sustainable outcome once implemented. In the past these problems had not only created controversy between members of the Advisory Board but also between the Advisory Board and politicians. Professor Stock paused and remembered the past term. He recalled events from the last years. What lessons could be drawn from former mistakes for the upcoming term? In which ways could the Advisory Board contribute to the development of a sustainability strategy? What should the Advisory Board’s focal points be?


Isabella ProellerProfessor Dr. Isabella Proeller
Universität Potsdam




Valeria HaasisValeria Haasis
Universität Potsdam




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